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Global Peace on Art and Culture and Documentary Show -2022),  which will be held on the 24th-27th August 2022 at Ottawa Marriott Hotel, Ottawa Canada which is hosted by National Disabled Research and Development Centre Nepal (NDRDC Nepal) and supported by the Accredited Disability Representative (ADR), Canada,  International Youth Society, and Disabled Peoples' International.

The purpose we are taking this opportunity to inform you that we believe in the young
with a disability you should have the quality of understanding the world, respecting diversity, upholding universal values, and caring about and participating in global affairs so as to assist the sustainable development and peace of the world with a disability right by this Global Peace on Art and Culture, Documentary Show, this program is designed to gather together active, visionary young citizens like you, who are willing to find solutions for our society’s challenges and threats from different parts of the world. We will provide you a platform where you will not only share ideas, skills, and experiences but also discuss and learn about various global issues together with experts/professionals/speakers and other invited guests, and create a  global network that facilitates effective and long-term partnerships to further equip you with the values, knowledge, and skills required to become a global program and take actions against the challenges across the world and create a more sustainable and peaceful community at local and global levels and with disability peoples. We look forward to the participation and valuable contribution of the delegates and discussion of global peace on art and culture and the screening of the documentary.

About National Disabled Research and Development Center

About National Disabled Research and Development Center

National Disabled Research and Development Center ( NDRDC ) Nepal is legally registered nongovernmental organization (NGO) under the institutional enrollment act of Nepal. It is the national organisation of persons with disabilities, represents more than 26 thousands member different kind of disabled people throughout the country. As the nongovernmental and non profitable organization. NDRDC has been leading disability rights movements in Nepal since 2007 through its working strategies - Advocacy, Awareness raising, Capacity building, Networking & Collaboration. Internationally, NDRDC...

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